A Taste of Community at Saveur Magazine

Cooking, tasting, telling stories—it’s all in a day’s work for the Saveur magazine team. So it only makes sense that they’d need a collaborative workplace to reflect the social, communal nature of what they do. Looking to free themselves from a cubicle layout, NYC-based Saveur turned to us for a lighter and brighter, more open and integrated space.


“Our test kitchen has always been the heart of the office, but it felt cut off from the other working spaces,” says Saveur editor-in-chief Adam Sachs. “The problem with the old layout was that it divided us into awkwardly shaped, strangely suffocating little cul-de-sacs of private but not very pleasant space.”

Saying a ready goodbye to the office’s 90s era cubicles, we set out to create light, open working spaces where the Saveur team could feel at home. In natural oak surfaces and hot-rolled steel frames, our Industrial Benching System provides the clean, neutral foundation to suit everyone’s taste.



“The modularity and flexibility of our benching collections help give all our customers a solid solution to their needs,” says west elm designer Johanna Mele.

 Benching dividers offer Saveur staffers privacy, a place to tack up pictures and space division “without the light-blocking, soul-crushing division of a traditional cubicle,” Sachs says.


To balance our Industrial collection’s hardworking aesthetic, we incorporated ancillary pieces with softer curves. Our retro-glam Heyward Curved Sectional anchors a breakout meeting space where team members can ideate away from desks, enjoy a personal recharge or take meetings with writers, chefs, winemakers and clients.

“We needed a soft, social-feeling buffer to stand between our desks and our kitchen + dining area,” says Sachs. “Now we’ve of course dreamed up a hundred other uses for it and now can’t imagine life without it.”

Opening up Saveur’s space, breaking down its physical barriers and rethinking the team’s workflow has made the team more nimble and communicative.



 “We’re a small team and we all contribute across departments so the value of an open, well-designed space is that an editor can be writing and posting stories at her desk for part of the day, interviewing someone in the kitchen later and then meeting with colleagues around the sofa later,” says Sachs.


“One of the major upsides of this revived workspace is the positive effect it’s had on the mood and vibe of the office. It’s just a nice place to be. How can you not feel happier and work better?”


  • I love open space and benching of furniture…it just feels right! Hooray for your staff. Great changers encourage brighter days going forward.

    Sunny Cook
  • Beautiful. As fresh and lovely as your recipes.

    Carolyn Weiss

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